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Since 1954, RHINO HIDE products have been specifically designed to solve tough problems, particularly those that affect our daily lives and now, our modern indoor environment.

MOLD is TODAY’S problem. It’s everywhere. We are constantly breathing it and for many, it’s mycotoxins can prove to be toxic.

Here at RHINO HIDE we have created unique solutions to treating MOLDwithout harming the environment.

We call these solutions, THE ULTRA SYSTEM!

Environmentally friendly, ULTRA MEAN 2 will tackle your toughest mold problems without the harmful side effects of bleach. ULTRA MEAN 2 is perfect for cleaning moldy contaminated  CRAWL SPACES and BASEMENTS, safe for WOOD and COMPOSITE decking and the best solution for FLOOD REMEDIATION and RENOVATION.

Follow up with ULTRA BAN, our “invisible shield” coating which prevents future mold growth. Perfect for all wood products and natural fibers, specifically designed to treat composite wood to prevent the unsightly recurrence of mold.

ULTRA MEAN 2 AND ULTRA BAN packs the perfect 1-2 punch to clean AND prevent mold.

See why THE ULTRA SYSTEM is the #1 PROVEN mold solution for the PEST CONTROL and COMPOSITE DECKING industry.

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