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Rhino Hide Mold Removal & Prevention Products

Our mission at HomeWood Solutions is to provide products that people will trust. We have developed effective and environmentally friendly professional mold cleaning and prevention products. Our motto, “LIVE MOLD FREE” is a categorical statement to our customers that we are dedicated to the prevention of mold, not simply cleaning it. Our products do what we say they do. Proven in field and laboratory tests, our mold removal and prevention products are perfect for both professional level mold remediation and DIY mold removal.

Rhino Hide is an industry leader in:

  • Mold and mildew removal and prevention solutions
  • Environmentally friendly interior and exterior stain removers
  • Lab certified & field proven basement and crawlspace solutions
  • High quality and versatile sealers, primers, and non-skid coatings

Our ULTRA SYSTEM is the #1 proven mold solution for the composite deck and pest control industries.

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